Don't Buy Luggage at Big Box Stores or Online

Why you shouldn’t buy Luggage from a Big Box Store.

Just One Reason of many that will change your mind of where to buy your next piece of luggage.

There are many reasons why buying Luggage online or at a big box store rather than a store dedicated to Travel and Making Sure you travel better, today I’ll tell you about one of them.
Travelpro luggage is great luggage with many options and lines of luggage under this brand name there is the perfect piece of luggage for every type of Traveler. From Frequent or Demanding travelers to those who might just do driving vacations to see the grandkids.
But the Travelpro luggage you buy at a big box store or even online can be quite different. It could be in the quality of materials but it is not it is more slike the Warranty and After Sales Support..
At Traveling Bags we fix luggage & bags, on average about 8 everyday, and we have noticed an uptick in luggage issues recently.
All of these bags are the same model of Travelpro, they were sold at the same big box store chain. The bags very jsut ever so slightly that parts are not interchangeable with the regular Travelpro bags. OF course they can only be purchased at certain store so they can be exclusive, and thus do not have to price match or make it easy for consumers to compare and etc.

This Chain is famous for there Sales and Cash Back Offers, but the luggage they are selling has a huge caveat. Even though it has a warranty, they are no parts available to fix theses bags. When they ordered these bags in mass quantity they didn’t arrange for themselves, or Travelpro ot stock replacement parts. An exact similar bag that is sold from the Regular Travelpro Line, isn’t a problem, Wheel, Handles, Zippers and more, all available and can be easily replaced by a luggage repair technician or by a handy customer willing to try and take on a project.

The Warranty again is something you need to read and understand what it actually covers. In almost all cases Luggage warranties do not cover Normal Wear and Usage. This Normal Wear include Airport Handling and damage from baggage handlers at Airlines, Trains, Buses and other places that may handle you luggage.
This isn’t a Travelpro issue as much as it what is becoming a trend of big box store only caring about the quick sale and basically selling the consumer a disposable item. This item isn’t a small thing either suitcases are obviously Large and expensive.
Good Luggage not only withstand most use and abuse but it can be repaired and fixed, thus keeping out of a landfill.

The next time you need luggage make sure a few things happen:

  1. Talk to someone ( a sales person) who can help you find the bag that meets your needs
  2. Make sure you understand the Warranty – read it and know what is actually covered.
  3. Know what to do, Who and How to contact someone if you have an issue with your Luggage.  There is actually a Luggage company now that offers a lifetime Warranty but there answer to issues is replacement.  Sounds great but not Eco-Friendly.  In additional rarely do you get the smae bag, it maybe an upgrade, but it also may not have the same feature you originally selected.
  4. Understand that every suitcase isn’t build for every type of Travel or Traveler. Finding the right piece will me you will be happy and you get the Best
  5. Understand that yes some luggage is overpriced for what you get and is a status symbol, but there is definitely luggage out there that is worth every penny, and although it’s a lot of Pennies, the investment you make today will pay off hundred over you life as a traveler.

If you have questions come in to the store or call me, I am happy to answer them.

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