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  • Briggs & Riley Luggage – What Makes It Special?
    Briggs & Riley is one of the most well-known brands in luggage and travel gear. The company was founded in 1993 but can trace it’s roots back to U.S. Luggage LLC founded in 1956. U.S. Luggage introduced the wheeled luggage to the world with the “Rollerboard” suitcase in the late 1970s. Briggs & Riley was launched in 1993 as a subsidiary of U.S. Luggage LLC focused on high-quality luggage. Since that time, it has been known for it’s durability, functional design and innovative features. Here are just a few of things that make it special:
  • Protect Yourself With Anti-Theft Bags
    From locks to slash resistant materials, anti-theft technology can protect you from the most common types of thefts while traveling. What are five features commonly found on anti-theft travel bags?
  • Hard or Soft Which Type of Luggage should you Choose?
    Soft-sided luggage, typically made of durable fabrics such as ballistic nylon or polyester, has its advantages. It is often lighter in weight, making it easier to maneuver and carry. Soft-sided suitcases also tend to have more exterior pockets and compartments, allowing for better organization and easy access to belongings. Additionally, these bags have some degree of flexibility, which can be beneficial when trying to fit them into tight spaces or overhead compartments on planes. On the other hand, hard-sided luggage, often constructed from materials like polycarbonate or ABS plastic, offers its own unique advantages. Firstly, hard-sided suitcases are often more … Read more
  • Finding Us During Moorland Road Construction
    Update to help you find Traveling Bags and Latitudes Travel during Moorland Road construction.
  • New Location Now Open
    Visit Traveling Bags new location at 3830 S. Moorland Rd. in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

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