It’s Time to Check Your Luggage, Do you Even Know where it is?

Do you Know Where Your Luggage is?

If you plan on traveling in the future, or have a student heading off to college and plan on using luggage... make sure they are ready to go. It only takes a minute.
I am reminding you about this because like many things Luggage prices will be rising soon. The rumors in the industry are that most all brands will be having a price increase of 10 -25%.
Another reason to look now is Luggage is also very Scarce. We even went to local BigBox stores in the NB area to see for ourselves and yes indeed they have very little and in some cases no luggage left at all.
Never Fear Traveling bags has a good stock of quality, reasonably priced luggage.
Lastly, you might not even need new luggage.. Remember...WE FIX LUGGAGE, bag, purse, and more... repair times are getting back to normal but it still takes time.
Estimates are always free and if we can't fix your bag we always offer a little something something if you choose to replace that bag with us here in the store.

Safe Travels Everyone...

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