Why Are Backpacks Replacing Briefcases

If you haven’t noticed or tried shopping for a briefcase lately, backpacks are increasingly replacing briefcases in many professional environments, a trend driven by several factors including changing workplace norms, technological advancements, and a growing emphasis on comfort and functionality. While this shift reflects broader changes in how we work and what we value in our professional gear, here is a deeper explanation of the reason why this is happening.

Evolving Workplace Culture
The transition from briefcases to backpacks is partly a result of changing workplace cultures. Traditional offices have given way to more casual, flexible environments. This shift has been accelerated by the rise of remote work and co-working spaces, where formal attire and accessories once synonymous with professionalism are less prevalent. Backpacks, with their casual aesthetic, align better with these modern work environments.

Technological Advancements
The nature of work has changed with the advancement of technology. Professionals today often carry laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices, necessitating a need for more practical and protective carrying solutions. Backpacks offer padded compartments and additional storage options that are more suited to these needs than the traditional briefcase.

Health and Comfort
Ergonomics also play a significant role in the shift towards backpacks. Carrying a heavy briefcase on one side can lead to shoulder and back problems. Backpacks distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders, reducing strain and increasing comfort, especially for commuters who walk or use public transportation.

Versatility and Functionality
Backpacks offer a level of versatility that briefcases typically don’t. They often come with multiple compartments, pockets, and features like water bottle holders and key clips, making them more functional for a variety of uses beyond just carrying work documents. This multifunctionality appeals to professionals who may use the same bag for work, travel, and leisure activities.

Fashion and Personal Expression
Backpacks offer more opportunities for personal expression than the traditional briefcase. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, allowing individuals to choose options that reflect their style. This aspect of personalization is increasingly important in today’s culture, where individuality is highly valued. Individualization for some people also means making a statement with the colors, tags, patches, and other adornments. States can be personal, political, or even just to promote/support their team, business, brand, or product.

Environmental and Lifestyle Trends
The rise of eco-friendly and sustainable products has also influenced the shift towards backpacks. Many backpack manufacturers now focus on using sustainable materials, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, the increasing popularity of urban lifestyles and biking to work favors the use of backpacks, which are more conducive to active commuting.

Impact of Startups and Tech Culture
The influence of the tech industry and startup culture, where casual dress codes are more common, cannot be understated. As these sectors have grown in prominence, their relaxed and functional approach to work attire, including the preference for backpacks over briefcases, has spread to other industries.

Economic Considerations
Backpacks often come at a lower price point than traditional leather briefcases, making them a more economical choice for young professionals and students transitioning into the workforce. The affordability factor, coupled with their durability, makes backpacks an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

The Future of Professional Accessories
As the boundary between work and personal life continues to blur, the demand for accessories that can seamlessly transition between these spheres is growing. Backpacks meet this need effectively, suggesting that their popularity will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

The replacement of briefcases with backpacks in professional settings is not just a passing trend but is much bigger and long-lasting. This trend is more of a reflection of deeper changes in our work culture, technological needs, health awareness, and lifestyle preferences. This shift underscores a broader movement towards a more casual, practical, and individualistic approach to professional attire and accessories. As workplace norms continue to evolve, backpacks are likely to remain a staple for modern professionals, symbolizing a blend of functionality, comfort, and personal style.

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Choosing a Great Gift for The Traveler in Your Life

Choosing the best Christmas gifts for travelers can be both exciting and challenging, as the perfect gift often depends on the traveler’s style, needs, and the type of traveling they do. Here are some universally appreciated gift ideas for travelers:

  1. Travel Journal: A high-quality travel journal is perfect for documenting adventures. Look for one that’s durable and maybe even water-resistant.
    We have a limited selection of Travel Journals at Traveling Bags, Made upon demand but are very nice. We can also make you a custom journal just let us know what you need, it takes less than 2 weeks to do, and yes you can order just 1!
  2. Portable Charger/Power Bank: A must-have for any traveler to keep their devices charged on the go. Make sure that they have the correct power outlets and consider getting a solar rechargeable power bank for those times when electricity is scarce. Check out our Power Banks
  3. Quality Travel Backpack or Luggage: Durable, lightweight, and with plenty of compartments for organization. Stop in or Shop Online Now we have a huge selection to choose from, literally something for everyone, and every need.
  4. Packing Cubes: These help travelers organize their luggage more efficiently and make packing and unpacking easier. We have many Packing Cubes to choose from
  5. Noise-Canceling Headphones: Ideal for long flights or train rides, helping to create a quiet and peaceful environment.
  6. Travel-Sized Toiletry Kit: A compact and TSA-approved toiletry kit is always useful.
  7. Kindle or E-Reader: Perfect for avid readers who want to save space and weight in their luggage.
  8. Universal Travel Plug Adapter: Essential for international travelers to keep their devices charged in different countries. Traveling Bags has great universal plug adapters with built-in fuses and USB charging too.
    Don’t be confused with the differences between Plug Adapters and Voltage Convertors they are not the same. Most if not all new applicants don’t need a voltage converter. Learn More about the difference between the two.
  9. Compact Travel Camera or Accessories for Smartphone Photography: For capturing high-quality photos without the bulk of a full-sized camera.
  10. Gift Cards for Travel Experiences: Consider a gift card from Traveling Bags, or something bigger like from an airline, hotel/resort, or even to a Travel Agent / Agency like Latitudes Travel inside of Traveling Bags
  11. Travel Guidebooks or a Subscription to a Travel Magazine: Great for inspiring future trips.
  12. Comfort Travel Accessories: Such as a high-quality neck pillow, eye mask, or travel blanket.
  13. Travel-themed Decor or Map: For decorating their living space and tracking past and future adventures.
  14. Portable – Refillable – Collapsible Water Bottle: Useful for all travelers and those adventurers who might venture off the beaten path. These water bottles are also great eco-friendly gifts as they the eliminate need to buy a plastic disposable water bottle as well save money as most fill stations are free.
    Traveling Bags also carry Collapsible Bowls for fur babies too!

Remember, the best gift often reflects the recipient’s personal travel style and needs, so consider what might enhance their travel experience the most.

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Are Compression Socks Helpful When Traveling?

Wearing compression socks while traveling, especially during long flights or car rides, can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Reduced Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): Long periods of inactivity, like sitting during a long flight, can increase the risk of blood clots in the legs, known as deep vein thrombosis. Compression socks help by applying gentle pressure to your legs, promoting blood circulation and reducing the risk of clotting.
  2. Decreased Swelling: Compression socks can also help reduce swelling in the feet and ankles, a common issue during long travels due to prolonged sitting and reduced circulation.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Many people find that wearing compression socks makes their legs feel less tired and achy after a long journey.
  4. Varicose Veins Prevention: For those prone to varicose veins, compression socks can help manage and prevent exacerbation of the condition during travel.

However, it’s important to choose the right type of compression socks:

  • Fit and Compression Level: They should fit well – not too tight, not too loose. The compression level (measured in mmHg) should be appropriate for your needs. Mild compression (around 15-20 mmHg) is usually sufficient for travel purposes.
  • Material: Ensure they are made from a comfortable, breathable material.

If you have pre-existing health conditions like peripheral neuropathy, peripheral artery disease, Heart problems, or skin infections it is a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider before using compression socks.

For most people, wearing compression socks during travel is a safe and effective way to maintain good circulation and comfort, especially during long periods of immobility.

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Dopp Kits – What are they?

The Dopp kit, a staple in travel gear, has an interesting history that dates back to the early 20th century. Its name comes from Charles Doppelt, a German leather goods designer who emigrated to the United States. He invented this type of toiletry bag in 1919. Doppelt’s design was a simple leather toiletry case, initially intended to help men keep their grooming essentials organized while traveling.

Dopp kits have long been,m and continue today, a common gift for men at Christmas, Father’s Day, Birthdays, and even as a wedding gift from the Bride to the Groom.

The difference between a Dopp kit and a toiletry bag often comes down to style and historical context rather than function. Fundamentally, both serve the same purpose: to organize and transport personal care items while traveling. However, there are subtle distinctions and at Traveling Bags we sell Leather and other styles of Dopp Kits & Toiletry Bags.

This image shows three different types of bags. A traditional Dopp kit, a military Dopp kit, and a modern toiletry bag, each with their distinct styles and materials.

Historical Origin: The term “Dopp kit” originates from the early 20th century and is named after Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant to the U.S. who designed a specific type of toiletry bag. The Dopp kit gained popularity, especially after being issued to soldiers in World War II.

Design and Material: Traditionally, Dopp kits were made of leather, had a simple, boxy design, and were often more compact. Modern versions might maintain these design elements but can also include various materials like nylon or canvas. Toiletry bags, on the other hand, come in a wider range of designs and materials and may have more compartments and features.

Cultural Connotation: The term “Dopp kit” often carries a classic or vintage connotation, partly due to its military association and longstanding history. It’s sometimes perceived as more masculine, likely due to its origins and use by soldiers. Toiletry bags are more generic and inclusive, with no specific historical or cultural connotations.

Usage: While both are used for the same purpose, the term “Dopp kit” is more commonly used in the United States, influenced by the brand’s history there. “Toiletry bag” is a more universally understood term and is used more broadly.

In practice, the terms are often used interchangeably, and the choice between them may come down to personal preference or regional vernacular rather than any significant difference in design or function.

The Dopp kit’s enduring appeal lies in its practicality and simplicity. It is more than just a bag; it’s a symbol of mobility and readiness, reflecting the increased mobility of the 20th century and beyond. Its design caters to the essentials, allowing for an organized and compact way to carry personal care items.

Today, Dopp kits are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials, catering to diverse tastes and needs. They continue to be a popular gift item and a travel essential, embodying a tradition of practicality and compactness in personal grooming that has stood the test of time.

More about Charles Dopplet
Doppelt’s company, which he ran with his nephew, began producing these kits in significant numbers. The Dopp kit gained widespread popularity during World War II when it was issued to millions of American GIs. This military endorsement not only made it a common item among servicemen but also helped establish it as a household name. The term “Dopp kit” became synonymous with any small toiletry bag, regardless of its brand or design.

After the war, returning soldiers continued to use their Dopp kits in civilian life, which further boosted its popularity. The original design has evolved over the years, transitioning from a simple leather design to include various materials like nylon and canvas, with added features like waterproof linings and compartments for better organization.

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite…

Traveling is the only thing we can really do in life that opens the door to new experiences and memories, yet it may also inadvertently open your suitcase to tiny, unwanted guests like mites, fleas, and the worst of all bedbugs.
Traveling Bags is here to help. These pests are seasoned hitchhikers, notorious for their global spread and tenacity. A bedbug infestation at home can start with a single critter wandering from a hotel bed to your luggage. Protecting yourself from these pests is crucial to ensure your travels are remembered for the right reasons. Here’s how you can stay vigilant and keep bedbugs at bay.

Understanding the Enemy

Bedbugs are small, nocturnal insects that feed on human blood. They’re not known to transmit diseases, but their bites can cause itching, allergic reactions, and emotional distress. They’re experts at concealment, hiding in cracks and crevices during the day, making them difficult to spot. Hotels, hostels, and other high-turnover accommodations are prime hotspots for these pests.

Before You Go: Preparation is Key

  1. Research Your Accommodation: Check reviews for mentions of bedbugs. While a single report doesn’t confirm an infestation, multiple reports should raise a red flag.
  2. Pack Smart: Use good suitcases, which offer fewer crevices for bedbugs to hide in compared to fabric ones. Consider using sealable plastic bags to compartmentalize your belongings.
  3. Protective Covers: Consider investing in bedbug-proof encasements for your luggage, pillows, and mattresses if you’re planning an extended stay.

During Your Stay: Vigilance and Inspection

  1. Inspect Your Room: Upon arrival, leave your luggage in the bathroom (an unlikely place for bedbugs) and inspect the room. Check the bed, headboard, bedside tables, and any sofas or chairs. Look for live bugs, rust-colored stains, or tiny black dots (bedbug droppings).
  2. UV Light Sweep: You can be your very own CSI agent and use a UV-A flashlight to look for bugs.  If present they will glow bright, like how Scorpions glow under the save UV light.  We carry the Torchy UV Light from Neebo This light unlike most offers a Dual Band UV/black light to make it one, if not the best light for this purpose.
  1. Use a Spray & Kill Them: Consider spraying the bed, bedding, and floor of your room. Our choice is the Travel Size Bed Bug & Mite Killer Spray from Premo Guard.  With this spray you can simply spray your bed and surrounding area with a non-toxic Premo Guard Travel Spray, anywhere bed bugs can be found, and once dry, jump in and sleep like a baby!  It’s that simple.  It is eco-friendly and safe for everyone even pets and kids when used properly. You can order directly and get Free Shipping from Premoguard here.
  2. Elevate Your Luggage: Keep your suitcase on a luggage rack, away from the bed and walls. Regularly inspect the rack itself for any signs of bedbugs.
  3. Minimize Contact: Keep your belongings in your suitcase rather than unpacking them into drawers or closets. Use the suitcase stand if provided, and keep your suitcase closed when not in use.
  4. Avoid Clutter: Keep your room tidy and your belongings stowed away to reduce hiding spots for bedbugs.
  5. Consider Using Protective Bags: If you’ve brought them, use protective bags for your shoes and electronics, which can also harbor bedbugs.

Personal Vigilance: Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

  1. Sleepwear: Consider wearing pajamas that cover as much skin as possible, reducing the area where bedbugs can bite.
  2. Inspect Your Sleeping Area: Give the bed a quick check each night. Pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams and box spring.
    This is where the UV Flashlight is so very important.
  3. Be Cautious with Shared Laundry Facilities: If you’re using shared laundry facilities, transport your clothes in plastic bags and fold them in your room.

After Your Trip: Prevention and Early Detection

  1. Unpack Carefully: Do this immediately upon returning home. Outside or in a garage is best to prevent any potential bedbugs from entering your living space.
  2. Spray and Treat items: Again, products from Premo Guard might be a great thought here if you have the little buggers or just want to be safe.  In addition to the travel-size bottle, they do make bigger bottles and lots of products to safely kill Bedbugs, Mites, Fleas, and more with Eco-Friendly products that are guaranteed to work.
  3. Laundry: Wash all your clothes in hot water and dry on the highest setting for at least 30 minutes. Bedbugs cannot survive high temperatures.
    Premo Guard also has laundry soap – Buy Direct now
  4. Vacuum Your Luggage: Carefully vacuum suitcases before storing them away, and immediately dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed container outside your home.
  5. Inspect and Store: Give your luggage a thorough inspection before putting it away. Store luggage away from your bedroom if possible, such as in a garage or basement.
  6. Be Proactive: If you suspect you have brought back bedbugs, contact a pest control professional immediately. The sooner an infestation is addressed, the easier it is to control.

In Case of Bedbugs: Mitigating the Situation

If, despite your best efforts, you suspect that bedbugs have traveled home with you, it’s important to act swiftly:

  1. Isolate: Keep the suspected items isolated to prevent the spread.
  2. Inspect Everything: Perform a thorough inspection of your belongings, bedding, and furniture.
  3. Heat Treatment: Consider using a portable heating chamber designed to kill bedbugs in household items.
  4. Professional Help: If there’s evidence of an infestation in your home, contact pest control professionals who specialize in bedbug extermination.

Travel is a wonderful way to enrich your life, but it pays to be cautious. The steps outlined here will help you prevent bedbugs from turning your home into their vacation destination. By staying informed and proactive, you can focus on creating pleasant travel memories, free from the unwelcome aftermath of bedbug infestations.

– Safe travels

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Is Your Luggage Ready to Travel?

If you plan on traveling in the future, or have a student heading off to college and plans on using luggage… make sure they are ready to go. It only takes a minute.
We are reminding you about this because travel season is coming fast and if your bag needs repair it takes time…. Or you maybe should add New Luggage to your Shopping list.

WE FIX LUGGAGE, bags, purses, and more… repair times are getting back to normal but it still takes time. Estimates are usually free and if we can’t fix your bag we always offer a little something if you choose to replace that bag with us here in the store We can’t fix everything but we are pretty good.

As for more new luggage than ever. New lines new styles, and as always are trusted Travelpro and Briggs & Riley brands too. All reasonably priced luggage.

Plan now so there isn’t a Luggage Emergency in your future.

Safe Travels Everyone…

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Luggage Warranties – Everything You Need to Know

Luggage warranties, also known as baggage warranties or suitcase warranties, are policies provided by luggage manufacturers or retailers to cover certain types of damage or defects in your luggage. These warranties vary in terms of coverage, duration, and specific conditions, but they generally serve to provide some peace of mind for consumers when purchasing luggage. Here are some key points to know about luggage warranties:

  1. Types of Luggage Warranties:

    Limited Warranty: Most luggage warranties are limited in scope and typically cover manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. This means they will repair or replace your luggage if it experiences problems due to faulty materials or craftsmanship. These warranties are usually in effect for a specific period, often a few years. These warranties may be listed as Lifetime, 10-year, 5-year, or just “Limited” The important part to note is the word “LIMITED”.  At Traveling Bags, we do see issues that are covered by this type of warranty but more times than not, the issues brought in for repair are not covered under a limited warranty.

    Full Warranty: In some rare cases, luggage manufacturers may offer more comprehensive warranties that cover a wider range of issues, including wear and tear. These warranties often have longer durations, possibly extending the life of the product.  Some manufacturers do however make it a little more difficult to get service.  You may have to ship your bag back to them for service at your expense, while others have authorized repair centers like Traveling Bags that do repairs for manufactuers locally.
  2. Coverage:

    Manufacturing Defects: Luggage warranties commonly cover issues like broken zippers, damaged handles, stitching problems, design issues, and wheel malfunctions that occur due to manufacturing defects.

    Material Quality: They can also cover issues related to the quality of materials used in the luggage, such as issues with the shell, frame, or other components.

    Limited Wear and Tear: Some warranties may offer partial coverage for wear and tear, which is less common. This coverage may vary depending on the warranty terms.
  3. Exclusions:

    Luggage warranties often have limitations and may not cover damage caused by mishandling, abuse, accidents, or airline mishandling. They may also exclude damage caused by extreme conditions, like exposure to extreme temperatures or liquids.

    It is easier to think of it like your automobile.  Things that go wrong not caused by you using it properly are covered. Things like tires, not changing the oil, and driving your car through a Hailstorm are not warranty issues, just like damage caused by using your bag, or having the gorillas at the airport abuse the bags.  We know it sucks, but there are bags that do have great coverage.
  4. Duration:

    The duration of luggage warranties varies widely. Some warranties are for one year, while others may extend for several years or even offer a lifetime warranty. The length of the warranty may reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their product.
  5. Warranty Registration:
    Some luggage manufacturers require you to register your product after purchase to activate the warranty. Failure to register might result in the warranty not being valid.
  6. Proof of Purchase:

    To make a warranty claim, you usually need to provide proof of purchase, such as a receipt or invoice.  A good idea is to make a copy of the receipt. Put it in a plastic baggie and leave it in the suitcase in a small pocket or even behind the service zipper in the bag.  That way you will have it, and it will be easy to find.
  7. Warranty Claims:

    If you encounter an issue covered by the warranty, you typically need to contact the manufacturer or retailer to initiate a warranty claim. Generally, you will need to use their website and hunt a little bit to find the customer service/warranty area.  Hopefully it will guide you through the process, which may involve sending the luggage for inspection or repair.
  8. When Damage Occurs

    The best advice we can give you is whenever you give someone else your luggage to handle, if possible, watch them and always check your bag. Be it at the airport, or buses, train, taxi, shuttle, etc. when you get the bag back check it over, top to bottom,

    Grab Handles on the top bottom, and sides
    The Pull-Up-Handle / Trolly Handle
    Zippers, broken and missing
    Bumpers and FeetSeams
    The case for crack & tears

    Make sure to check your luggage if find any damage. Photograph The Damage and document It with that company immediately.  Often companies have a 24 or 48-hour rule to report damage. But it is always best to do it immediately.  Take the attitude that you don’t need to resolve the issue immediately only that you get them to document the damage they caused and provide you with proof of that.  You can sort out the details later.
  9. What luggage to choose

    There are all types of luggage available for all different types of travelers.  If you primarily take car trips and handle your own bags, you can probably get a lesser-quality bag because you will take care of it.   On the other extreme if you travel even 2 -3- 4 times a month by air you really need to consider making the investment into quality luggage. 

    It’s important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of a luggage warranty before making a purchase, as they can vary significantly between different brands and models.  If purchasing online, take the time to search out the information, don’t be fooled by the bold headings, read the fine print.   If shopping in a store, ask the salesperson who is helping you if they don’t know anything about the products they are selling, consider that you may be in the wrong store.  Would you buy anything else from a salesperson who couldn’t explain the product they are selling?
  10. Things to look for when selecting luggage are not just looks, features, and price, but also these things:
  • Where can I take it if I have an issue”
  • What is the return/service Policy?
  • What is the actual Warranty?
  • If/when I have an issue how do I get service?
  • If it is something simple will they just send a part?
  • How long does the service process take?

The last big thing to remember when it comes to dealing with damaged luggage is to remember often Travel Insurance helps cover the cost of not only lost luggage but Damaged Luggage too.
If you’re concerned about potential luggage damage during air travel, consider talking with your travel agent (or contact Holly the owner of Latitudes Travel) about travel insurance, which can provide more comprehensive coverage for your belongings, including your luggage, while in transit.

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Do You Want / Need A Security Enhanced Bag When Traveling

Traveling is a thrilling and enriching experience, allowing us to explore new cultures, meet interesting people, and create unforgettable memories. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges and potential risks, one of which is the threat of theft. To safeguard your valuables and enhance your peace of mind, using an anti-theft bag when traveling is a wise choice. In this essay, I will delve into the numerous reasons why you should consider incorporating an anti-theft bag into your travel gear. At Traveling Bags one of the Goals is to help people travel Safer and Security / Anit-Theft bags are one of the many things we sell to help you with that.

If you never thought about this type of bag, or maybe want a refresher to learn what is happening in the marketplace, here is our list of reasons you should consider having a Security bag when traveling, if not for everyday use.

Protection of Valuables: One of the most apparent reasons to use an anti-theft bag is to protect your valuable possessions. Traveling often involves carrying passports, wallets, smartphones, cameras, and other items that are attractive to thieves. Anti-theft bags are designed with reinforced zippers, lockable compartments, and slash-resistant materials to deter theft attempts and safeguard your belongings.
At Traveling Bags our Goto Favorite Security Bags are from Travelon. In addition to Security bags, they make a whole host of travel accessories but we love their bags. Great Features, Great Looks, and lots of styles and sizes to choose from. With bag styles including, Crossbody, Backpacks, Purses, Totes, and great small over-the-shoulder bags they have something for everyone, including the person who may not want a bag, but really needs one. Travelon has truly merged security and style together like no other company we have found Travelon’s Anti-Theft Bags are our customer’s Favorite Bags too.

Peace of Mind: Travel should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Knowing that your belongings are secure in an anti-theft bag will alleviate unnecessary worries and allow you to focus on the beauty and culture of your destination rather than constantly checking on your possessions.

RFID Protection: Many anti-theft bags feature RFID-blocking technology, which prevents electronic theft of sensitive data from your credit cards and passports. This is especially important in today’s world where cybercrime is on the rise. Some of the manufacturers we carry have only RFID Protection. Osgood Marely is one of these.
Beautiful Leather bags that just a few security features. If you want real leather you have to sacrifice some of the Anti-cut features. they do make a wide array of great RFID-protected bags and wallets for men and women. If you love the feel, look, and smell of leather definitely worth checking out. See them in our store or you can view them now online.

Slash-Proof Straps: Anti-theft bags often come with slash-resistant straps, making it exceedingly difficult for thieves to cut and steal your bag. This added layer of security is vital, especially in crowded places and busy transportation hubs.

Lockable Zippers: Anti-theft bags typically have lockable zippers, making it challenging for pickpockets to access your bag’s contents. This is particularly beneficial when you are in crowded tourist spots or using public transportation. Pacsafe is another security bag we carry at Traveling Bags. The original anti-theft carry solution started in 1998. The two Owners started, with a vision to help travelers embrace life’s
adventures. For them, the biggest reward is seeing a Pacsafe bag on someone’s back in a customs queue, or a tote slung over somebody’s shoulder as they navigate a packed city street. We like to think that some of the bounce in their step comes from knowing their gear is secured. Pacsafe has all the features you could want.

Secret Pockets: Many anti-theft bags are equipped with hidden or secret pockets, allowing you to store small items discreetly. These compartments can be invaluable for safeguarding your cash, keys, or important travel documents.

Durability and Quality: Anti-theft bags are often built to high-quality standards, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This is especially important for travelers who embark on extended journeys or frequently move from one place to another.

Ergonomics and Comfort: These bags are designed with comfort in mind, featuring padded straps and ergonomic designs that reduce the strain on your back and shoulders. A comfortable bag can significantly improve your travel experience.

Style and Aesthetics: Anti-theft bags come in various styles and designs, catering to different tastes. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for security. These bags are available in a range of styles, from backpacks to crossbody bags and more.

Versatility: Anti-theft bags are versatile and suitable for various travel scenarios. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, exploring a bustling Asian metropolis, or lounging on a tropical beach, there’s an anti-theft bag to suit your needs.
One bag We carry that has a wide variety of features is the KangaLife™ Nylon Traveler Messenger Bag Which offers mobility, organization, and a smart hydration solution in one lightweight bag. Its three-in-one design includes a large built-in wallet with RFID protection, an easily accessible phone pocket, a large main compartment with pockets for your electronics, a padded pocket for your tablet PC, and room for all your daily necessities, An Australian Based Company also designed the KangaLife™ bag with a\patented Universal Bottle Pocket that can carry any size bottle including some as large as a 40 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle.

Global Use: These bags are not limited to one specific type of travel. They can be used for business trips, family vacations, solo adventures, and more. The versatility of anti-theft bags makes them a valuable addition to any traveler’s gear.

Ease of Access: Anti-theft bags are designed for convenience as well as security. They often include well-organized compartments and quick-access pockets, ensuring that your essentials are easy to reach when you need them.

Water-Resistance: Many anti-theft bags come with water-resistant materials or rain covers, protecting your belongings from unexpected showers or accidental spills.

Health and Safety: By reducing the risk of theft, anti-theft bags contribute to your overall health and safety. The stress and anxiety caused by losing valuable items can have a detrimental effect on your well-being during your travels.

Cost-Efficiency: Although anti-theft bags may be a bit more expensive than regular bags, the investment is worthwhile considering the protection they offer. Replacing stolen passports, credit cards, and electronics can be far more costly.

Environmental Impact: Using an anti-theft bag can also contribute to reducing environmental waste. By investing in a durable, long-lasting bag, you can reduce the need to buy and dispose of cheap, low-quality bags that quickly wear out.

Positive Travel Experience: Ultimately, the goal of any trip is to have a positive and enriching experience. An anti-theft bag plays a significant role in ensuring that your travel memories are filled with joy, cultural exploration, and adventure rather than the stress and hassle of theft.

Personal Safety: Theft incidents can sometimes escalate into personal safety concerns. Anti-theft bags minimize the risk of such incidents by making it difficult for thieves to access your belongings, thus ensuring your safety.

Global Trends: As global tourism continues to grow, so does the prevalence of pickpocketing and theft in tourist destinations. It’s a sensible response to evolving travel conditions.

Educational Value: Using an anti-theft bag can also be a valuable lesson in responsible travel for your children or travel companions. It emphasizes the importance of security awareness and taking precautions when exploring new places.

In conclusion, the use of an anti-theft bag when traveling is a wise decision for numerous reasons, including the protection of your valuables, peace of mind, and enhanced personal safety. These bags are not only practical but also stylish, versatile, and cost-effective in the long run. By choosing an anti-theft bag, you are not only securing your belongings but also ensuring a positive and stress-free travel experience. Travel should be about exploration and adventure, and an anti-theft bag is a key tool in helping you make the most of your journeys.

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  • Do you have a zipper giving you a problem and that you want to have it replaced?
  • Do you know how expensive that can be?
  • Do you know that repairing a zipper is an option for most broken zippers?

Enough with the questions. Let us explain…
It is very common that Traveling Bags can do a zipper repair instead of a costly zipper replacement. Repairs can usually be done on purses, bags, backpacks, luggage, sports equipment, and even shoes.

Zipper repair can save lots of time and money too. replacing large zippers can actually cost more than just buying a new item, but not with a quality zipper repair.  Traveling Bags is the place to have your bags repaired from straps and hardware to, of course, zippers.

There are many parts of a zipper that break and can be fixed. We provide the image to the right so if you call we both have the same terminology to understand your zipper issue.
Many of these parts can be fixed just like there are many types of “Broken Zippers” and issues that can be fixed with zipper repair. Here are some great examples of things we fix every day.


Click to Enlarge the Photo

Missing Zipper Pulls are replaceable

Missing Zipper Pulls are replaceable

We Replace Broken or
Missing Zipper Pulls

Broken Zipper Slider _ Zipper-head

We Fix Broken and Missing
Zipper Slides/Heads

Zipper Spliting can be repaierd
We fix broken malfucntion Zippers Milwaukee, Waukesha Wiscosnin

We can Fix a Variety of Zipper Coil issues too.

Zippier Problems that cn be fixed.

If none of these repairs will not solve the problem, there are also other options for replacing the zipper.   We are almost always able to replace an unfixable zipper.

We will determine if that is possible and give you a free estimate. You can determine if it is cost effective and sometimes we will make a recommendation too. 

If you prefer, you can send some pictures and any questions to Info@TravelingBagsMKE.com and we will advise of next steps. 

If none of these repairs will solve the problem, there are also other options for replacing the zipper.   There are some other options that can be done to make unrepairable zippers almost fully functional.
For example, the photo below is a bag that the zipper would have to be replaced. The bag simply costs less than a new zipper, but the owner was very attached.  So a simple fix (dramatized with the black stop) allows the bag to be used with just a slight limitation of how the zippers work.

As the picture shows a zipper stop can be added to prevent the zippers from going over the broken area, but still allow full access to the bag.  Normally we use a more matching zipper stop of course.  This fix can even work for gaps up to a inch or two wide depending on the bag and its use.

Of course, if none of these fixes apply we can also replace zippers too.  We replace nearly all types of zippers and on Designer purses, we use what is known as a Lux zipper.  It works super smooth as is constructed with specially polished teeth to not scratch your hand and arm or snag clothing.

As with all bag repairs, you simply bring your bag to our store ( You can ship it to us as well ) and we can explain some options, give you a rough estimate, and even work up a full firm quote all for free.   We can help you determine if it is cost-effective and make a recommendation too.

The final call to having a bag repaired is always yours and we completely understand that sometimes the love and memories involved in your item make the item priceless in your eyes and we are always so very happy to help you keep it fully functional.

Safe Travels Everyone

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Travel Plug Adapters vs Power Convertors

This is our comprehensive guide to help you travel better with electronics.  The topics included on this page include

Adapters vs Converters for Newbies

There are two very important things you need to know about traveling with electronics. First, the plug you use at home may not work in a wall socket when traveling because different countries have different plug shapes.

Second, you can’t use some of your electronics while traveling unless they’re dual voltage because countries such as the USA and Canada have 120V electricity while destinations in Europe have 220V electricity.

“In simple terms, the adapter makes your device fit in the holes. The converter changes the electric power going into it.” Just remember that they’re two different devices (there’s no such thing as a travel adapter converter!) This is when you need to know the difference between an adapter and a converter. Here, we explain the popular adapter vs converter question.

Our Tips & Advice

1.) Check everything before you leave.  A dual voltage-rated appliance will display for example ‘INPUT: 110-240V’ on the body of the appliance or its power supply. This means that you will not need a converter or transformer but just a travel adaptor, because Switzerland operates on a 230V supply voltage, which is within the 110- 240V range that the dual voltage appliance operates on.

2.) Don’t take expensive electronics like fancy hairdryers, razors, or other similar dual-voltage appliances.  Even though they say it should work often they burn out, we aren’t sure why it just happens.

3.) Use Surge protectors in addition to the converters and adapters… it will look crazy but may save you $100’s from damaged devices.

4.) The biggest thing to remember is to always know where your devices are. And, before leaving any location check to make sure you have what you came with. This can save you a ton of heartbreak and worry. Anytime you leave an item behind you are putting it at an extreme risk for theft.

To learn more, see plug adapter charts, and images visit this link for even more information, pictures, and a great chart that shows plugs from around the world.  Click Now

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