Luggage Warranties – Everything You Need to Know

Luggage warranties, also known as baggage warranties or suitcase warranties, are policies provided by luggage manufacturers or retailers to cover certain types of damage or defects in your luggage. These warranties vary in terms of coverage, duration, and specific conditions, but they generally serve to provide some peace of mind for consumers when purchasing luggage. Here are some key points to know about luggage warranties:

  1. Types of Luggage Warranties:

    Limited Warranty: Most luggage warranties are limited in scope and typically cover manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. This means they will repair or replace your luggage if it experiences problems due to faulty materials or craftsmanship. These warranties are usually in effect for a specific period, often a few years. These warranties may be listed as Lifetime, 10-year, 5-year, or just “Limited” The important part to note is the word “LIMITED”.  At Traveling Bags, we do see issues that are covered by this type of warranty but more times than not, the issues brought in for repair are not covered under a limited warranty.

    Full Warranty: In some rare cases, luggage manufacturers may offer more comprehensive warranties that cover a wider range of issues, including wear and tear. These warranties often have longer durations, possibly extending the life of the product.  Some manufacturers do however make it a little more difficult to get service.  You may have to ship your bag back to them for service at your expense, while others have authorized repair centers like Traveling Bags that do repairs for manufactuers locally.
  2. Coverage:

    Manufacturing Defects: Luggage warranties commonly cover issues like broken zippers, damaged handles, stitching problems, design issues, and wheel malfunctions that occur due to manufacturing defects.

    Material Quality: They can also cover issues related to the quality of materials used in the luggage, such as issues with the shell, frame, or other components.

    Limited Wear and Tear: Some warranties may offer partial coverage for wear and tear, which is less common. This coverage may vary depending on the warranty terms.
  3. Exclusions:

    Luggage warranties often have limitations and may not cover damage caused by mishandling, abuse, accidents, or airline mishandling. They may also exclude damage caused by extreme conditions, like exposure to extreme temperatures or liquids.

    It is easier to think of it like your automobile.  Things that go wrong not caused by you using it properly are covered. Things like tires, not changing the oil, and driving your car through a Hailstorm are not warranty issues, just like damage caused by using your bag, or having the gorillas at the airport abuse the bags.  We know it sucks, but there are bags that do have great coverage.
  4. Duration:

    The duration of luggage warranties varies widely. Some warranties are for one year, while others may extend for several years or even offer a lifetime warranty. The length of the warranty may reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their product.
  5. Warranty Registration:
    Some luggage manufacturers require you to register your product after purchase to activate the warranty. Failure to register might result in the warranty not being valid.
  6. Proof of Purchase:

    To make a warranty claim, you usually need to provide proof of purchase, such as a receipt or invoice.  A good idea is to make a copy of the receipt. Put it in a plastic baggie and leave it in the suitcase in a small pocket or even behind the service zipper in the bag.  That way you will have it, and it will be easy to find.
  7. Warranty Claims:

    If you encounter an issue covered by the warranty, you typically need to contact the manufacturer or retailer to initiate a warranty claim. Generally, you will need to use their website and hunt a little bit to find the customer service/warranty area.  Hopefully it will guide you through the process, which may involve sending the luggage for inspection or repair.
  8. When Damage Occurs

    The best advice we can give you is whenever you give someone else your luggage to handle, if possible, watch them and always check your bag. Be it at the airport, or buses, train, taxi, shuttle, etc. when you get the bag back check it over, top to bottom,

    Grab Handles on the top bottom, and sides
    The Pull-Up-Handle / Trolly Handle
    Zippers, broken and missing
    Bumpers and FeetSeams
    The case for crack & tears

    Make sure to check your luggage if find any damage. Photograph The Damage and document It with that company immediately.  Often companies have a 24 or 48-hour rule to report damage. But it is always best to do it immediately.  Take the attitude that you don’t need to resolve the issue immediately only that you get them to document the damage they caused and provide you with proof of that.  You can sort out the details later.
  9. What luggage to choose

    There are all types of luggage available for all different types of travelers.  If you primarily take car trips and handle your own bags, you can probably get a lesser-quality bag because you will take care of it.   On the other extreme if you travel even 2 -3- 4 times a month by air you really need to consider making the investment into quality luggage. 

    It’s important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of a luggage warranty before making a purchase, as they can vary significantly between different brands and models.  If purchasing online, take the time to search out the information, don’t be fooled by the bold headings, read the fine print.   If shopping in a store, ask the salesperson who is helping you if they don’t know anything about the products they are selling, consider that you may be in the wrong store.  Would you buy anything else from a salesperson who couldn’t explain the product they are selling?
  10. Things to look for when selecting luggage are not just looks, features, and price, but also these things:
  • Where can I take it if I have an issue”
  • What is the return/service Policy?
  • What is the actual Warranty?
  • If/when I have an issue how do I get service?
  • If it is something simple will they just send a part?
  • How long does the service process take?

The last big thing to remember when it comes to dealing with damaged luggage is to remember often Travel Insurance helps cover the cost of not only lost luggage but Damaged Luggage too.
If you’re concerned about potential luggage damage during air travel, consider talking with your travel agent (or contact Holly the owner of Latitudes Travel) about travel insurance, which can provide more comprehensive coverage for your belongings, including your luggage, while in transit.

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  • Do you have a zipper giving you a problem and that you want to have it replaced?
  • Do you know how expensive that can be?
  • Do you know that repairing a zipper is an option for most broken zippers?

Enough with the questions. Let us explain…
It is very common that Traveling Bags can do a zipper repair instead of a costly zipper replacement. Repairs can usually be done on purses, bags, backpacks, luggage, sports equipment, and even shoes.

Zipper repair can save lots of time and money too. replacing large zippers can actually cost more than just buying a new item, but not with a quality zipper repair.  Traveling Bags is the place to have your bags repaired from straps and hardware to, of course, zippers.

There are many parts of a zipper that break and can be fixed. We provide the image to the right so if you call we both have the same terminology to understand your zipper issue.
Many of these parts can be fixed just like there are many types of “Broken Zippers” and issues that can be fixed with zipper repair. Here are some great examples of things we fix every day.


Click to Enlarge the Photo

Missing Zipper Pulls are replaceable

Missing Zipper Pulls are replaceable

We Replace Broken or
Missing Zipper Pulls

Broken Zipper Slider _ Zipper-head

We Fix Broken and Missing
Zipper Slides/Heads

Zipper Spliting can be repaierd
We fix broken malfucntion Zippers Milwaukee, Waukesha Wiscosnin

We can Fix a Variety of Zipper Coil issues too.

Zippier Problems that cn be fixed.

If none of these repairs will not solve the problem, there are also other options for replacing the zipper.   We are almost always able to replace an unfixable zipper.

We will determine if that is possible and give you a free estimate. You can determine if it is cost effective and sometimes we will make a recommendation too. 

If you prefer, you can send some pictures and any questions to and we will advise of next steps. 

If none of these repairs will solve the problem, there are also other options for replacing the zipper.   There are some other options that can be done to make unrepairable zippers almost fully functional.
For example, the photo below is a bag that the zipper would have to be replaced. The bag simply costs less than a new zipper, but the owner was very attached.  So a simple fix (dramatized with the black stop) allows the bag to be used with just a slight limitation of how the zippers work.

As the picture shows a zipper stop can be added to prevent the zippers from going over the broken area, but still allow full access to the bag.  Normally we use a more matching zipper stop of course.  This fix can even work for gaps up to a inch or two wide depending on the bag and its use.

Of course, if none of these fixes apply we can also replace zippers too.  We replace nearly all types of zippers and on Designer purses, we use what is known as a Lux zipper.  It works super smooth as is constructed with specially polished teeth to not scratch your hand and arm or snag clothing.

As with all bag repairs, you simply bring your bag to our store ( You can ship it to us as well ) and we can explain some options, give you a rough estimate, and even work up a full firm quote all for free.   We can help you determine if it is cost-effective and make a recommendation too.

The final call to having a bag repaired is always yours and we completely understand that sometimes the love and memories involved in your item make the item priceless in your eyes and we are always so very happy to help you keep it fully functional.

Safe Travels Everyone

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