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Milwaukee / Waukesha Area

We offer both Standard Heat Embossing as well as Color Foil Embossing.Leather Embossing - Traveling bags New Berlin Wisconsin

Of course we can emboss leather items and limited other items as well.
Commonly embossed items include Luggage & Bag, ID Tags, Wallets, Key fobs, Belts, Bracelets, Bibles, Corporate gifts, Awards and more.

Monograms and names are the most common type of embossing but we are able to assist you with more complex or demanding projects too,
We can help with needs such as corporates gifts or branding your items with a custom logo.  To accomplish this we work with you and create custom embossing dies for your needs and can then add your logo or message to a variety of items.


Leather Embossing - Traveling bags New Berlin WisconsinStandard Embossing - Blind Embossing: This embossing method produces raised and/or depressed patterns on leather or other materials using metal dies.

Items that can be embossed: leather / leather bags / business cards / paper / plastic
Items like wood and even food can be branded by burning the design into these items.

Foil Embossing - We use the same type of heated embossing machine used in high-end stationary stores and top design houses around the world. The foil is literally bonded onto the leather with heat and pressure and lasts the life of the item.

Leather Embossing - Traveling bags New Berlin Wisconsin

Items that can be embossed: leather / leather bags / business cards / paper / plastic

The Embossing Process:
Leather Embossing - Traveling bags New Berlin WisconsinEmbossing does take time to get it right and even then if you are not sure of the item you have brought to us is truly the material you say it, bad things can happen  It is imperative you are honest to us, as different materials require different temperatures and timings to prevent damaging an item.

Due to the shape of some items, not all items can be embossed and there is a limit to our machine on how big a single embossing can be. When we do large embossing projects such as multiple logos or multiple lines of text it should be noted that it is very difficult to align text and there may be some slight imperfections.  If you need many items, or it needs to be perfect you should consider a custom die that we would emboss in a single pressing.

Traveling Bags is not responsible for items damaged due to providing incorrect information or not providing any information at all.  We reserve the right to not attempt to emboss and item at our discretion.

As a rule of thumb custom embossing can take a few days to complete,. Rush orders can be accomplished for an additional fee.

Embossing Costs:

You should plan on a standard monogram embossing to start at around $25 per item, less if the item was purchased from us.   Difficult items, multiple lines, long names & phrases will cost more and take more time.

Custom Logos, Emojis, graphics can be produced but it takes time.  You need high quality black & white artwork. You should plan on up to 6 weeks to have the project completed. There is a separate fee for custom dies.  A price reduction for some or all of the cost may be available if we will retain ownership of the die after the project is complete, we will discuss this on a cvase by case basis.

We Always Error on Under Promising and Over Delivering !