Electrical Plug Adapters, Converters, and Transformers.


This is our comprehensive guide to help you travel better with electronics.  The topics included on this page include Adapters & Converters Explained Advice for Traveling with electronics. Plug Types Used in Common Destinations Types of Plugs by Photo World Plug Type Details and Specs World List Plug Types by Country Adapters vs Converters for…

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It’s Time to Check Your Luggage, Do you Even Know where it is?

Do you Know Where Your Luggage is? If you plan on traveling in the future, or have a student heading off to college and plan on using luggage… make sure they are ready to go. It only takes a minute. I am reminding you about this because like many things Luggage prices will be rising…

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That Zipper Can Probably Be Repaired vs Replaced

Missing Zipper Pulls are replaceable

Did You Know ? NOT ALL BROKEN ZIPPERS NEED TO BE REPLACED Do you have a zipper giving you a problem and that you want to have it replaced? Do you know how expensive that can be? Do you know that repairing a zipper is a option for most broken zippers? Enough with the questions.…

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Why you shouldn’t buy Luggage from a Big Box Store.

Don't Buy Luggage at Big Box Stores or Online

Just One Reason of many that will change your mind of where to buy your next piece of luggage. There are many reasons why buying Luggage online or at a big box store rather than a store dedicated to Travel and Making Sure you travel better, today I’ll tell you about one of them. Travelpro…

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Tips For Choosing The Right Luggage For Your Travel Needs

Tips for choosing the right luggage

Luggage is more than just picking a bag.. Your Luggage can be the difference of your travel “Rolling Along Smoothly or being a Drag”… Size You must consider size it it the most logical starting point. Most U.S. airlines will have strict rules about the size, and the amount of carry-on luggage a traveler can…

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