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Missing Zipper Pulls are replaceable

That Zipper Can Probably Be Repaired vs Replaced

By Burt Robertson | June 18, 2021

Did You Know ? NOT ALL BROKEN ZIPPERS NEED TO BE REPLACED Do you have a zipper giving you a problem and that you want to have it replaced? Do you know how expensive that can be? Do you know that repairing a zipper is a option for most broken zippers? Enough with the questions.…

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Special Memorial Day Hours for 2021

By Burt Robertson | May 24, 2021

We will be closed the Memorial Day Weekend to reconnect with our parents… If you have repaired items and need them before the weekend please plan you pick-up. We will be closing on Friday 28th at Noon and will reopen with our Normal hours resuming on Wednesday June 2nd. Have A Safe Memorial Day Weekend…

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No more Trash Bags for Foster Kids

A Case for Giving – Helping Foster Kids

By Burt Robertson | May 1, 2021

7th Annual Case for Giving Event Did You Know ? MAY IS NATIONAL FOSTER CARE AWARENESS MONTH Let Us & Briggs & Riley Reward You For Helping Foster Care Kids Traveling Bags has partnered with Briggs & Riley and Comfort Cases to put gently used bags into the hands of children entering foster care. —…

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Traveling Bags Packing Tips

By Burt Robertson | September 19, 2020

HOW TO PACK Whether you are a seasoned traveler or heading out for the first time… We all can probably learn something from these great tips. Tip #1: Try and not wait to the last minute to pack… Rushing often leads to problems and forgotten items…and don’t bring so much, have a plan. Tip #2:…

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Latitudes Travel News Tips Blog

FAQ: What Luggage do Airline Crews & Pilots use?

By Burt Robertson | June 25, 2020

“What Luggage do Airline Crews & Pilots use?” is a FAQ. It is usually followed by the statement  “I want that Luggage”! It is a great question and although you have good intentions in asking, it can be difficult for us to answer.  We would love to be able to give you a short yes/no…

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Choosing New Luggage – Hardside vs. Softside

By Burt Robertson | April 7, 2020

If you’re thinking about new luggage — for yourself or perhaps a family member like a son or daughter heading to college or perhaps traveling to study abroad, you will quickly find there are many options and price points, but the most blairing decision is Soft Side or Hard Side. There are lots of choices…

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Don't Buy Luggage at Big Box Stores or Online

Why you shouldn’t buy Luggage from a Big Box Store.

By Burt Robertson | February 27, 2020

Just One Reason of many that will change your mind of where to buy your next piece of luggage. There are many reasons why buying Luggage online or at a big box store rather than a store dedicated to Travel and Making Sure you travel better, today I’ll tell you about one of them. Travelpro…

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