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Anti-Theft Active Waist Pack by Travelon

Recently, I was watching an episode of, Spain Revealed, one of my favorite travel related channels on YouTube. In the episode, the two hosts were describing how they had both separately been victims of theft in their home city of Madrid. The hosts were honest about how they had fallen victim to some of the oldest tricks in the book. In each case, they had been distracted by one person while another made away with their belongings.

Anti-theft bags may not have helped the hosts. No amount of anti-theft technology can prevent you from making poor decisions with your belongings. On the other hand, anti-theft bags can make it more difficult for thieves to take advantage of you.

What are five features commonly found on anti-theft travel bags?

Locking Mechanisms

As the name implies, pick pockets do not need to steal your entire bag. More often, they target items that are on your person or within your bags. A hand dipped into an open purse can easily pull out your phone or wallet. Anti-theft travel bags often come with built-in locking mechanisms or locking zippers that are designed to deter pickpockets and prevent unauthorized access to your belongings. These locks can be combination locks, key locks, or even RFID-blocking locks.

Travelon Locking Zipper
Travelon Locking Zipper

An example of a bag with a locking mechanism is this Heritage Collection Anti-Theft Backpack by Travelon. Note how the zipper pull doubles as a clip and provides an additional level of protection.

Hidden Pockets

Outside pockets on a backpack can be an easy target for thieves. In a crowd, it may be hard for you to notice that someone is unzipping one of the pockets. A skilled thief can do so without you noticing even the slightest tug. Anti-theft bags often have hidden or discreet pockets that are not easily accessible to outsiders. These pockets are strategically placed to provide a safe and inconspicuous storage area for valuable items like passports, wallets, and smartphones.

Urban Anti-Theft Waist Pack
Urban Anti-Theft Waist Pack

This Urban Anti-Theft Waist Pack 5-Point Anti-Theft Security System features multiple pockets both inside and outside of the pack.

Slash-Resistant Materials

Most people instinctively protect their belongings by placing the bag’s strap over one shoulder, or even better, across their body. This protects their belongings from a snatch and grab theft. However, a skilled thief with a razor blade can slash the strap and pull the bag away in seconds. Anti-theft bags are often made from slash-resistant materials, such as cut-resistant fabrics or mesh layers, which make it difficult for thieves to cut through the bag with a knife or other sharp object. This prevents “slash-and-run” theft attempts.

Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Compact Crossbody by PacSafe
Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Compact Crossbody by PacSafe

The Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Compact Crossbody by PacSafe incorporates anti-slash technology in the strap as well as the bag material.

RFID Blocking Technology

Not every thief is after your personal belongings. Some are after your personal information. The same systems that make electronic storage and payments so convenient can make it easier for thieves to obtain your information. Many anti-theft bags have RFID-blocking compartments to prevent electronic theft of personal information from credit cards, passports, and other RFID-enabled items. RFID blocking technology can also be found in smaller items such as wallets and passport cases. This technology protects against RFID skimming, where thieves can remotely steal your card information.

Leather RFID Blocking ID Passcase by Osgoode Marley
Leather RFID Blocking ID Passcase by Osgoode Marley

An example of RFID blocking technology is this Leather RFID Blocking ID Passcode by Osgoode Marley.

Convertible Designs

Not every anti-theft bag is right for every situation. During your travels, you may be waiting in line, walking through a crowd, or sitting at an open air restaurant – all within the same hour. Some bags can be converted from backpacks to crossbody bags or tote bags, providing versatility and adaptability to different situations and travel modes.

Anti-Theft Addison Convertible Belt Bag by Travelon
Anti-Theft Addison Convertible Belt Bag by Travelon

An example of a convertible design is the Anti-Theft Addison Convertible Belt Bag by Travelon. This bag easily converts from a belt bag to a cross body bag.

Whatever your needs, Traveling Bags has the anti-theft technology you need to give  you peace of mind during your travel adventures. Visit our online store for more details or stop by our store if you are in the Milwaukee area.

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